Substantial European grant to reduce social inequality in education

„Generally speaking – my research centres around the topic of social inequality in education and ways to increase equality. This is a broad topic but I am interested in how students‘ social origin as well as their ethnicity or gender influences what or which type of education they obtain. Furthermore, I am interested in how the transition from school to work – or in other words the process of getting a job – is shaped by socio-economic background factors.“

So says David Reimer, professor of the sociology of education at the University of Iceland, a prolific researcher in his field. David has received two significant grants, to conduct his research which has significant social impact. Education is without any doubt the most important investment a person can make and it also has a direct impact on society in a broad sense. It is imperative to find ways to reach equality in the education system as knowledge is the currency of the future.

See news story on University of Iceland website